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I’m a butterfly writer. Sometimes I wish I could focus on one thing – be a crime writer or romantic novelist. Perhaps that way would lead to becoming a best-selling author more quickly than dashing from one path to another. But maybe I’d get bored.

I flit from short stories for women’s magazines, to non-fiction, novels, children’s books. Apart from poetry and pornography I’ve tried everything and I’ve used several different names along the way. Lynne Hackles, Elizabeth Wilden, Lynne Crayford.

I’m really Lynne Hackles. There’s only one Hackles family so if you know a Hackles then they’ll be related to me, though they might not admit it.

In case you're wondering about the picture, top left, it's my Lazy Cow. She sits on my desk in all her disgusting glory and reminds me not to be one.


I offer a range of services to help writers. Contact me for details.

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September 24th-26th

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